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Resort Wear Inspiration: Top Destinations and Their Kaftan Styles

Packing for a holiday can be confusing. One garment that simplifies this task is the kaftan. Depending on the destination, you can select a kaftan style that aligns with the local fashion sense.

An image of bali

Bali Vibes: Kaftans with Boho Elements

Bali is a mix of relaxed beaches and deep-rooted traditions. Kaftans with bohemian prints or fringes work well here. They are easy to carry from the beach to local markets. Complement your look with flat sandals and a straw bag for ultimate comfort and style.

Santorini Chic: Simple and Classy Kaftans

Santorini, known for its scenic beauty, demands a wardrobe to match. Kaftans in simple designs and neutral colors like white, blue, and grey are ideal. They go well with the classic Greek architecture and don’t compete with the vibrant scenery. Consider adding a belt or statement necklace for a dash of elegance.

Dubai Style: Embellished Kaftans for an Evening Out

Dubai is the hub of lavishness. Kaftans with beadwork or sequins are a fitting choice. They are apt for dining experiences at swanky restaurants. A pair of heeled sandals and a clutch bag will complete your look.

Maldives Mood: Marine-themed Kaftans

The Maldives is all about the sea. Kaftans featuring marine prints are apt for this destination. Given the humid weather, opt for breathable fabrics like silk or cotton. Don’t forget your beach essentials like flip-flops and a sun hat to go with your kaftan.

Byron Bay Basics: Kaftans for a Laid-Back Day

In Byron Bay, the mood is casual. Short kaftans or kaftan tops in muted or pastel shades work best here. These can take you from the beach to a local café without requiring an outfit change. Pair them with sneakers or comfy sandals.

Rio Rhythm: Eye-Catching Kaftans

Rio de Janeiro is known for its lively beaches and colourful culture. Bright and patterned kaftans fit right in. Be it a beach party or a city stroll, you’ll feel at ease and look the part. Add some flair with bold jewellery or a vibrant headband.

Your Kaftan Guide for Any Holiday

A well-chosen kaftan can make your holiday wardrobe both practical and stylish. Whether you’re looking for something casual or a bit dressy, there’s a kaftan that suits the local vibe of your chosen destination. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be all set for your next trip, no matter the locale.


1. How do I choose the right kaftan style for a specific destination?

Consider the overall vibe and culture of the destination. For example, if you’re going to Bali, bohemian styles are popular. For places like Santorini, more minimalist designs are in line with the local aesthetic.

2. Are kaftans appropriate for all types of travel destinations?

Kaftans are versatile, but they may not be suitable for all travel activities or climates. For instance, a silk kaftan might not be the best choice for hiking or winter travel.

3. Can I wear the same kaftan in different destinations?

Absolutely. While certain styles may suit specific destinations better, kaftans are highly adaptable. Simple accessories can change the look to fit different settings.

4. Where can I buy destination-appropriate kaftans in Australia?

Many local stores and online retailers in Australia offer a variety of kaftan styles to suit different destinations. Consider the climate and activities you’ll be doing to select the right fabric and style.

5. What materials are best for different climates?

In humid climates like the Maldives, lightweight fabrics like silk or cotton are advisable. For cooler destinations, you might consider a kaftan in a heavier material like velvet or one that can be easily layered.

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